Sacrifical Anodes

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Sacrifical anodes, essential for extending your boats lifespan.

Every MarineTorq manifold is fitted with a sacrificial anode, made from a heavyweight zinc. We recommend 6 monthly anode replacement to keep your manifold in optimum condition.

*Please note MarineTorq has two different anode sizes. The smaller anodes are suited to our legacy stock, which uses two anodes per manifold. There is no difference in price or replacement period between the two sizes.

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Sacrificial anodes are key to preventing electrolysis and corrosion. MarineTorq anodes are made from a heavyweight zinc, which extends their lifespan and reduces your replacement intervals.

Anodes Fitting Instructions

When installing an anode, simply screw it into the provided opening at the base of the manifold. We recommend using Teflon tape on the anode to create a strong seal and prevent any risk of leaking.

To maintain your warranty, we recommend checking your anodes every 3 months, and replacing them every 6 months. An anode should be replaced once it has lost approximately half its size from corrosion.

Anodes Key Features

  • Heavyweight zinc
  • Highly active for maximum protection and sloughing
  • Replace twice a year