About Us

Who we are

MarineTorq is an Australian based business which has specialised in stainless steel fabrication for over 25 years. Suited to petrol and diesel inboard boat engines, the unique properties of MarineTorq’s stainless steel manifolds have revolutionised the lifespan of boat manifolds. On average, boat owners change their OEM cast iron manifolds every 2-3 years.

At MarineTorq, our stainless steel manifolds are made to last indefinitely in both freshwater and saltwater, so our customers spend less time in the workshop and more time out enjoying their boat. Fabricated and hand welded from premium stainless steel, our patented design has been refined through extensive R&D and collaboration with industry experts. Our aim is to bring you innovative, reliable, and quality cast iron manifold replacements, designed to save you time, money, and maintenance. We offer custom solutions and work closely with a national and international dealer network, shipping internationally and helping boat owners all around the world.

Our manufacturing process

MarineTorq’s manifolds are custom-manufactured and undergo extensive testing before arriving on your doorstep. Each manifold receives 2 – 4 pressure tests, which check for weld quality, failure points and whether the manifold is watertight.

MarineTorq’s ISO9001 accreditation ensures every product and process is held to a high standard. Every manifold has to meet the correct criteria before leaving our factory, which is why we can guarantee the performance and longevity of our products. Check out our detailed water pressure testing in action on this set of manifolds for a GM LS small block engine.

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Our R&D Journey

Anti-Water Reversion Design

In an industry first, all MarineTorq Stainless Steel manifolds now include an anti-water reversion cone. This re-design of the exhaust gas outlet stabilises the exhaust gas flow, completely eliminating the tendency for water to be pulled back into the engine.

Steel Grade

It’s a common assumption that stainless steel becomes brittle and is prone to rust when used in marine applications. The grade of stainless steel now used for all Marine Torq manifolds has been extensively tested to withstand cracking, rusting and extreme heat. Our IS09001 accreditation and regular steel quality checks ensure all material remains to a high standard. Learn more about stainless steel and its benefits compared to cast iron here.

Steel Thickness

The walls of all MarineTorq manifolds have increased to 2mm thick steel, used both internally and for the outer water jacket. This prevents cracking, helps the manifold withstand extreme heat and pressure, and can handle up to 650-700 horsepower. Once again, the steel thickness is regularly measured and checked according to our IS09001 standards.

Maintenance Intervals

Sacrificial anodes have always been an integral part of MarineTorq’s manifolds, however older designs included two smaller anodes. This meant checking and replacing every 3 months to maintain the condition and warranty of the manifold.

Now each manifold includes just the one, much larger anode. As a result, the anode lasts for longer, and the single replacement is only required every 6 months, instead of 4 times a year. For more information on MarineTorq’s zinc anodes.