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Manufacturing A Stainless Steel Manifold: Behind The Scenes At MarineTorq

Boat manifolds need to survive a harsh combination of high temperatures, vibrations, water and corrosion, which is why thorough testing is a key part of the process at MarineTorq.

By housing the spacers, risers and elbow all in one, the one-piece construction of each manifold prevents leaking and corrosion. A 2mm thick water jacket adds an extra layer of protection, and reduces temperatures in the engine bay. To guarantee this design is effective and can withstand harsh conditions for years on end, MarineTorq manifolds undergo extensive testing.

Before arriving on your doorstep, each manifold receives 2 – 4 pressure tests, which check:

  • weld quality
  • failure points
  • if the manifold is 100% watertight

Backed by MarineTorq’s ISO9001 standards, each manifold has to meet the correct criteria before leaving our factory.

Check out our water pressure testing in action on this set of manifolds for a GM LS small block engine…