Frequently Asked Questions - General

What is MarineTorq’s manifold warranty?

Our stainless steel manifolds come with a 10 year warranty, excluding ski boat manifolds which have a five year warranty.

Do MarineTorq ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our stainless steel manifolds worldwide. We also have an international dealer network- find your nearest dealer here.

Frequently Asked Questions - Stainless Steel Manifolds

Are stainless steel manifolds better than cast iron?

Stainless steel manifolds are frequently used as cast iron replacement manifolds. The unique design of our stainless steel manifolds eliminates leaking and corrosion, meaning they have a much longer lifespan. In comparison, cast iron manifolds need replacing every 2-3 years to avoid engine failure. Learn more on the benefits of stainless steel vs cast iron manifolds here.

How long will my stainless steel manifolds last?

With regular anode replacement, MarineTorq’s stainless steel manifolds have been proven to last more than 10 years.

Can stainless steel manifolds be used in saltwater?

Yes, our stainless steel manifolds are designed for both freshwater and saltwater use, due to a built-in sacrificial anode. One of our customers has experienced over 20 years of service while boating in saltwater.

Do stainless steel manifolds improve performance?

In many instances, stainless steel manifolds provide a significant increase in power and performance, due to the reduction in deadweight and their efficient design.

Will stainless steel manifolds improve fuel economy?

By reducing the deadweight of your manifolds by up to 80% and running cooler, stainless steel manifolds can achieve noticeable gains in fuel economy.

Why do stainless steel manifolds not rust?

Our stainless steel manifolds are a unique one-piece construction, which eliminates any joints, gaskets or risk of leaking. Combined with an anti-water reversion cone and built-in sacrificial anode, our stainless steel manifolds will not rust. Find out more on how our sacrificial anodes work here.

Do stainless steel manifolds crack or go brittle?

All stainless steel used in MarineTorq manifolds undergoes extensive testing to withstand cracking, rusting and extreme heat. Each manifold is made from 2mm thick stainless steel, which provides superior strength, and can handle 650-700 horsepower. As per our ISO9001 accreditation, each manifold also receives 2-4 pressures tests to check for weld quality, failure points and leaking.

Can I customise my manifolds?

Yes, we work with customers around the world to customise their stainless steel manifolds. Frequent customisations include risers, spacers, sensors, and brackets. We have also customised manifolds to suit unique engines, engine bays and additional horsepower.

Can I install stainless steel manifolds myself?

Yes, our stainless steel manifold range is designed for DIY fitment, and only requires one person to install. For a detailed insight into the fitment process, watch this MarineTorq customer fit his stainless steel manifolds.

How often do stainless steel manifolds need replacing?

With the right care, our stainless steel manifolds will last indefinitely and do not require regular replacement. Instead, you will only need to replace a small sacrificial anode, which we recommend swapping out every 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions - Sacrificial Anodes

What is the role of anodes?

A sacrificial anode is an important part of the manifold design- it prevents rusting and corrosion by adding another metal into the circuit. By ‘sacrificing’ itself in place of the manifold, an anode helps keep the manifold in perfect condition and free of rust. Learn more about sacrificial zinc anodes here.

How often should I replace my anodes?

We recommend checking your anodes every 3 months, and replacing them every 6 months to maintain your warranty. The general rule of thumb is to replace the anode once it’s half the original size. How often you replace your anodes will also depend on factors such as water type and how often your boat is in use.

Why use zinc anodes?

Zinc is ideal for sacrificial anodes as it is a dense, highly active metal, which corrodes evenly and lasts longer. Zinc anodes are also suited to boats docked or anchored for long periods in saltwater, as they ‘slough’ more efficiently than other materials such as aluminium. Check out why sloughing is so important here.

Where do I buy replacement anodes?

You can buy replacement anodes online here, or find your nearest dealer. For a full Manifold maintenance kit, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions - Manifold Care Kit

Where do I buy boat wash and engine flush?

MarineTorq stock Mak Attack boat wash and engine flush, which can be purchased on its own or as part of a manifold care kit here.

Is boat wash and engine flush toxic?

The boat wash and engine flush supplied by MarineTorq is a non-toxic, bio-degradable solution to keeping your boat running smoothly. Learn more about Mak Attack here.