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Stainless steel manifolds for inboard boat engines. An alternative to cast iron for superior longevity and performance.

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Patented Design

The one piece construction eliminates all joints and gaskets, preventing leaking and likelihood of engine failure

Lightweight Construction

Cast Iron manifolds weigh upwards of 50kg. In comparison,  MarineTorq manifolds weigh 7kg on average, reducing your boats dead weight by up to 80%

Thick Stainless Steel

All MarineTorq manifolds use 2mm thick stainless steel, which compared to cast iron is more lightweight, rust resistant, and proven to last

Replaceable Anode

A replaceable zinc anode prevents corrosion and protects the manifold. We recommend replacing these every six months to keep the manifold in optimum condition


We work with you to customise your manifold, including brackets, sensors,  risers, spacers and more


A large water jacket securely covers the internals of the manifold, improves the cooling process, and adds an extra layer of protection


By reducing dead weight and improving the manifold’s efficiency, a MarineTorq manifold can provide significant fuel savings and an increase in power and performance


MarineTorq’s superior manifold design allows us to offer a 10 year warranty for boat manifolds, and a 5 year warranty for jetski manifolds

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Replace your cast iron manifolds to prevent engine failure, and increase your boat’s power and performance with stainless steel!

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