Sacrificial anodes are an essential to preventing electrolysis. Extend your boat’s lifespan and protect your manifold from corrosion with MarineTorq.

Every MarineTorq manifold is fitted with a sacrificial anode, made from a heavyweight zinc. We recommend 6 monthly anode replacement to keep your manifold in optimum condition.

Instead of replacing corroded cast iron manifolds every 2-3 years, regular anode replacement is the fast, simple solution to preventing engine failure. A single, large anode in each MarineTorq manifold gives you maximum protection for a longer period. This reduces maintenance intervals, saving you both time and money.

How does an Anode work?

Anodes are essential to protecting your manifold. Here’s how they work…

When two metals are immersed in saltwater and they are physically or electronically connected, they create a current between them. The electrons in this current are charged by one of the metals releasing pieces of itself in the form of metal ions. This is known as corrosion, or the process through which metal returns to its natural state as an ore. When left unattended, corrosion weakens and disintegrates the metal, quickly destroying all metal components in the manifold.

A sacrificial anode adds another metal into the circuit, and since it gives up its electrons quicker, it is consumed or ‘sacrificed’ in place of the metal it is protecting. The less active metal (in this case- stainless steel) is kept in perfect condition, protecting the engine and preventing electrolysis. To ensure anodes are doing their job, they should be regularly inspected and replaced once corroded.

Our Most Common Questions

How often should anodes be replaced?

A sacrificial anode should be replaced once it has lost approximately half its size to corrosion. The rate at which this corrosion occurs will depend on various factors, including water conditions and how often you drive your boat. For maximum protection and keep your warranty valid, we recommend checking your anodes every 3 months and replacing them every 6 months.

Why choose a zinc anode?

Zinc anodes have a higher density than other materials, extending their lifecycle. Additionally, zinc is a highly active metal which is better than other metals at ‘sloughing’. This is the process of removing film build-up around the anode when a boat is docked or anchored for long periods in saltwater. This means the anode is always directly in contact with the water for maximum effect. In comparison, an aluminium anode can form a crust and become ‘passivated’ leaving it useless.

How do I order replacement zinc anodes?

Contact us below to purchase your replacement zinc anodes or contact your nearest dealer. Alternatively, check out our Manifold Care Kit here for everything you need to keep on top of regular maintenance. If you have registered your manifold via MarineTorq’s warranty form, you will receive a reminder to replace your anodes every 6 months.