Care Kits

Preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your boat running smoothly, and extending the lifespan of your manifolds.

Don’t wait for something to go wrong. Enjoy peace of mind with MarineTorq’s Manifold Care Kit, with quality replacement parts and Australian Made boat wash and engine flush.

When was the last time you did a maintenance check on your manifolds? It may be out of sight, out of mind but regular care is key to getting the best performance and value out of your purchase.

Whether your boat is laid up over winter, or you’re spending every weekend out on the water- our aim is to reduce your long term maintenance costs and spend less time in the workshop. MarineTorq’s stainless steel manifolds will last indefinitely with the right maintenance, and our care kit is here to keep it simple.

Put your trust in the 30+ years’ experience of a marine mechanic…

Developed and extensively tested by local dealer Mak Marine, Mak Attack boat wash and engine flush is the result of over 30 years’ experience in the marine industry, including servicing and engine repair.

Unlike other toxic chemicals on the market, Mak Attack is 100% environmentally friendly, designed to prevent the build-up of salt and keep your engine in peak condition.